To be honest, I’m not really sure what I’m doing here. But isn’t that what everyone’s life motto is?

WordPress suggests that I talk about myself and what this blog is mean to be, so here is my attempt to follow what WordPress considers to be the ideal template.

Who I am

I am a recent graduate of law school and I have now entered the working force. Great! You might think. Or even, “OMG, she must make bank” Hm, I am sorry to say to…whoever is reading this…you are incorrect. I am working, which is something I am eternally grateful for. But I’m an hourly document review employee. Naturally as someone who is so driven to read and write and yet stuck in a position that requires 1% of one’s brain power, I have a lot of thoughts in my head about what it means to be average in the world.

What this blog is about 

Honestly, who knows. But if I was to be frank, I’m having a lot of issues in my life. You know how people always talk about how your work determines who you are? I never believed it until now. Being stuck in a lifeless job has allowed me to feel emotions that I never understood. I’ve been told that perhaps I should find a community, perhaps through social media such as YouTube (in that person’s defense, I am an avid YouTube consumer). But instead of buying all that stuff and dealing with very visual criticisms, I decided that writing everything down in some format would help sort out my thoughts and help me unload. Maybe on the off chance, I’ll be able to connect with other recent grads or other people who are just entering the work force.

So…hold tight ya’ll and brace yourself for a more cynical view of what it means to be a post grad in this day and age.


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